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The world is full of metaphors regarding the facets of our lives. Consider sea glass, for example, which is lost or discarded glass containers that are weathering a storm of wind, waves and sand; conditions that will change it into something beautiful and strong. Each piece has its own history, journey and mystery. Healing Dynamics invites you to pause in the midst of any trials and tribulations to explore the possibilities for transformation!

Healing Dynamics – Integrated Holistic Services invites you to consider the unfolding nature of your journey.  At times we need and appreciate a partner who can help us “read the compass” to get ourselves ‘home’, to help you adapt to one or more of the many life changes you might be going through and to live your life from a place of balance rather than feeling as if you may be teetering on the brink of burnout and chronic illness (dis-ease).

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 FALL 2016

The Eternal Beauty of You
by Dolly Mahanti

Look at you.

Just look at you.
You’ve made sadness an artist and gave your face away as a canvas and he has done a masterpiece with it.
The thing is you.. you’ve forgotten who you are and now you believe you are his work of art.
But sweetheart, I am here to tell you that you are not.
Take your pieces back. Reclaim yourself.
I see through it… all that bullshit you call real.
I see the raw, fierce beauty that lives underneath all that paint.
I see it wanting to be seen.
I see it.
I see you.
And you are exquisite.
How you manage to will yourself awake to play the part of the devil’s muse everyday I will never know.
Without speaking, you’re asking if it’s okay for you to fall. Down, all the way. Knees melting from the impact, flesh meeting earth, to revert back to your chemical composition. Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium. You’re all there and there is nothing more than this. Nothing else. You’re tired of trying to convince yourself that there is.
You can’t take a second more of pretending, of trying, of smiling, of nodding, gossiping and comparing. You want out of the contract you signed with blood the minute you were born.
You want to be at peace. You need to be at peace.
I respect and worship the power in your grit.
Do you know your worth, love?
Do you know your truth, love?
Because it knows you.
And it is waiting, just waiting for you.
There, in the silence, in the tender moments
When you get tired of carrying all that weight
When you think no one is watching and you let it go
You take it off and slip into the subtle version of you
That being of truth that knows your vastness
Your expansiveness, your reach
You are the answer to every question you’ve ever had.
Why are you living so shallow?
What keeps you so scared?
Why is it so easy to be so little when you have everything coursing through you?
Tell me. Talk to me. Spill your secrets.
I want to love you.
All that means is that I want to be who I am around you.
I want you to meet me here.
To stand firmly on honest ground.
To say who you are out loud.
I am love.
I am joy.
I am bliss.
I am beauty.
Say each one out loud and soak into it.
You know it’s true.
I feel it in you.
Dont look away for validation
You dont even need to believe me
All you have to do is remember
You beautiful goddess creature, just remember where you came from.
Dim the lights and close your eyes and let yourself fly
Go wherever you want to go, away from the drama, from the roles.
Away from the mundane, from the everyday
In the silence, let the truth speak
Let your heart tell you what you came here to do.
You crave to be something the world has never seen.
So ask yourself honestly..
What’s stopping you?

(Originally published here, at Wild Heart Writers, Sep. 17, 2016)